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2Dec 2013

San Diego Hard Money Heating Up!

The market for hard money lenders San Diego is heating up fast!  With home values soaring in 2013, it is no surprise that many homeowners are leveraging the increased value of their real estate as collateral to obtain the loans necessary to accomplish various tasks such […]

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10Sep 2013

How to Find Suitable Hard Money Lenders in California?

Like everywhere else, there are many hard money lenders in California. But, how do you identify a suitable lender for your needs? A suitable lender should also be a reliable lender. If you follow few simple steps, you should be able to identify the best lender out there […]

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11Aug 2013

When Should You Go with Hard Money Lenders California

When you hear the term hard money lenders, you are likely to go berserk! However, there’s nothing to worry about hard money lenders, as long as you know a few basic rules. Let’s first understand what a hard money loan is. Hard money loans are typically […]

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California Hard Money
9Jul 2013

California Hard Money Lenders – An Introduction

Today, it is quite difficult to get a bank or brokers to agree to offer financing for purchases of real estate. With the economic depression in full swing, most Americans have had their credit ratings hit substantially.  This has resulted in many banks becoming overly cautious on their […]

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